Afterall, why am I so slow?

Posted On June 26, 2007

Filed under Reflections

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There have been fads, trends and megatrends. I have always been slow to react to changes. Slow to realise that things around me are crawling in directions which I do not see. Right from t-shirts to computer games to web-sites to news channels, I have always followed people. More than once, I have caught up on trends while they are on their way out. And then I try to make myself appear as the last bastion of some long lost art; one who is fighting a losing battle to protect some dying heritage. All to save myself the embaressement of owning up that I was slow. So much for my ego.

However, there have been times when I have started following things which were still to gain popularity amongst those from my generation. European Football, for an example. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Junoon are others. I have been mocked by my friends for this; one of them even tried to throw a Junoon tape outside my bedroom window when I was in the 9th grade. But then, the real talent of mine came to the surface. I rose to the spirit of the times, and stopped following all of the above mentioned. Today, in the middle of conversations on football, I make a serious face, and by God’s grace, am able to make some sounds and move my cheeks in a way which at least doesn’t show my decline.

This is another of those numerous beginnings which I have made in my life. Most of them, till now, have added up to sifer. What happens to this step is yet to be seen, though ideas are tall. And as I have done quite a few times, I thank Amyth again for the suggestion. TalkingTails should show the way.

Welcome, to the storm! 


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